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The role of the lats in the squat

By Alex Babin

/ Strength and performance / Training / Videos / 15 October, 2018

The contraction of the upper back of the lats is one of the foundations of a good squat. How can you use your lats for a better squat? In this capsule…

Train what your sport doesn’t, but needs

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Strength and performance / Training / Videos / 12 October, 2018

There is a trend in the combat sports and mixed martial arts world to focus on conditioning. However, these athletes are already getting plenty of tha…

Increase Your Strength Potential With The Extended Eccentric Method

By Stephane Cazeault

/ Articles / Strength and performance / 11 October, 2018

We all want to get stronger. Strength is the most natural measure of success in the weight room. We all have compared our lifts from one another to ri…

The Snatch Grip High Pull

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Muscle gain / Videos / 08 October, 2018

The snatch grip high pull gives you rapid changes when it comes to building that power look: big traps, thick upper body. The reason why it works so w…

Why is experience important in coaching?

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Strength and performance / Training / Videos / 05 October, 2018

A coach should have a pretty good baggage of experience when it comes to training movements. If you’re going to be a good technical coach, you need to…

How transferable are gains made in the gym?

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Strength and performance / Training / Videos / 03 October, 2018

The role of a strength coach is to improve the athlete’s performance on the field by making the stringer, faster, more powerful and better conditioned…

10 Things I Learned From Master Poliquin

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Miscellaneous / 02 October, 2018

As I’m writing this article, I learned of the passing of my mentor Charles Poliquin a few days ago. It was a complete shock, you never think that monu…

Never “Stretch” Before Training

By Mai-Linh Dovan

/ Rehab, mobility & injury prevention / Videos / 01 October, 2018

The objective of a workout prep is to get you into an optimal state for the upcoming training session. If soft tissue limitations exist, they should b…

The Impacts of Neuro-Typing on Individual Design – OPEX Podcast

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Podcasts / 28 September, 2018

On this episode of OPEX Podcast, Christian Thibaudeau discusses: The inner workings of Neuro-Typing How creating programs based on your athletes’ neur…

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Know your ratios, destroy weaknesses

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Strength and performance / Training / 27 September, 2018

Here’s what you need to know… It’s better to spend 3-6 weeks on training blocks where you address weaknesses than it is to spend the…

Should I Use Amonia or Not?

By Alex Babin

/ Videos / 26 September, 2018

Amonia is a smelling salt that activates the nervous system and arouses you dramatically and quickly. But high arousal should only be used for a task …

Micro-mod Sets For Mass

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / Training / 25 September, 2018

Here’s what you need to know… Micro-mods involve making very small grip or stance changes during every rep or two of an exercise, changes …