• What can I do once I know my dominance?

    On the thibarmy.com website, we offer programs and diets designed specifically for each neurotype, you can start there! You can also find a coach who is certified in Neurotyping to help guide you through the process.

  • Is the Neurotyping test is really accurate?

    As accurate as a self-administered psychological questionnaire can be. We have to understand that personal bias can affect the results or that the way you perceive yourself to be might not be how you really are. But after having administered the test to hundreds of people I can say that the accuracy (determined by selecting the proper neurotype) is in the 90% (compared to other forms of evaluation like in person evaluation, body language analysis, and physical tests). If you are honest with your answers (nobody but you will know your answers) and know yourself well, the evaluation will be accurate.

  • What is the difficulty level of the courses?

    It does cover some advanced science so you will need at least a basic understanding of training and physiology. Even though Coach Thibaudeau is great at simplifying complex topics, coaches with some experience in the trenches will benefit the most from the courses.

  • Where can I find my E-certificate?

    You can download or print your E-certificate directly from your Thibarmy account

  • Where will the next seminar be held? 

    To be informed of our upcoming seminars, sign up for our newsletter.

    However, if you want to host a seminar you can write directly at Jean-Claude Dubois, Co-Owner | International Business Development @[email protected]

  • Are online payments secured?

    Yes, our online payments are secured by PayPal.

  • How long are the training programs? 

    The training programs are usually built on a 12-week schedule.

  • Do the programs include a nutrition plan?

    Yes, The Power Building Training program and The Performance Beast Training program includes a nutrition plan.

  • Do I need specific equipment to complete a program? 

    Replacement exercises can be provided if you do not have access to the necessary equipment.

  • How long is your training camp?

    Our training camp lasts 12 weeks and is divided into four 3-week phases.

  • What is the difference between online coaching and online training camp?

    While some minor modifications can be made to the program and nutrition plan, the online training camp is a relatively fixed program. This is different from online coaching, which is 100% individualized and adaptable throughout via live chats and regular follow-ups.

  • What is the refund policy at Thibarmy?

    Virtual purchases are non-refundable.

  • I did the Neurotype test and still haven’t received my results

    Did you check in your spam?

  • Where I can find the Neurotyping test page?

    On your invoice you have the link or the direct link to be able to pass the test is https://thibarmy.com/neurotyping-test/

  • What is included in the online coaching service? 

    • The online coaching includes an initial assessment through a detailed questionnaire which will provide all the information required to set up a plan suited to your needs
    • Access to complete exercise demonstration videos to make you understand the exercises we are prescribing you
    • Access to your workout from anywhere with our new Thibarmy app (for Android or Apple user)
    • Access to Thibcrew every time you have a question via our private message
  • The online coaching services is it a recurring billing?


  • What if I’m a complete beginner? Can I buy programs from Thibarmy?

    We love beginners! Our goal is to help you become 100% confident with exercise and nutrition—without needing to think about it all the time. No matter your goal, we’ll guide you every step of the way and make sure you’re always following the right plan for your body.

  • What if I’m more an advanced Athlete?

    We’ve worked with a lot of intermediate and advanced clients, too. Some of them come to us with years of experience but are tired of doing the same routine. Other people “know what to do” when it comes to exercise and nutrition—but they struggle to do it consistently. We’ll help you get back on track, get better results, and teach you some new things along the way.

  • When can I expect to see results?

    When you will see the results is completely personal. It depends on your goals, your current lifestyle, and how much work we need to do together. So, if you’re looking for a “quick fix to blast fat and get a six pack!” so some hard sell filled with empty promises, then this isn’t for you.

    We’re invested in your success and want to help you over both the short and the long run.

  • Where are my Purchased Programs?

    In your Thibarmy account.

  • If I don’t know a specific exercise, where I can find help?

    On our youtube channel: HERE


  • Can you recommend a program or workout for me?

    Unfortunately for legal reasons we are not allowed to give individual recommendations. You can ask questions on our Facebook page!

    Click here

  • I did enroll myself to your training camp but my request for your private Facebook page is not approved. What do I need to do?

    A request can take 48h to be approved or sometimes the name of the order is not the same that the client use on Facebook.

    If this is your case, we will suggest that you take two seconds and write us a quick email saying that your name is different.

  • If a failed 2 times my exam, what is my option?

    Unfortunately, you need to buy the course again.

  • How the A1 and A2 exercises work. Do you do A1 rest the prescribed amount, then do A2 rest the prescribed period then move back to A1? Or do you do all A1 before moving on to A2?

    If there is a rest period prescribed in the A1 line, you take that rest period before doing the A2 set. If there is no rest it will be written “none” or 0

  • Do you have any discount for Canadian or US armed forces member?

    15% off with proof.