• Do you deliver in any country/region?

    Yes, but delays and fees may vary based on your location.

  • Are e-books available?

    For the time being, only hardcovers are available but e-book versions will be out eventually.

  • Is the book available in other languages?

    For the time being, only an English version is available on the website.

  • Is the barbell available in my region? 

    For the time being, the barbell is only available in North America.

  • Where will the next seminar be held? 

    To be informed of our upcoming seminars, sign up for our newsletter.

  • Are online payments secured?

    Yes, our online payments are secured by PayPal.

  • How long are the training programs? 

    The training programs are built on a 12-week schedule.

  • Do the programs include a nutrition plan?

    Only the Power Building Training program includes a nutrition plan.

  • Do I need specific equipment to complete a program? 

    Replacement exercises can be provided if you do not have access to the necessary equipment.