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Take the test to know your neurotype.

Neurotyping is a concept created by Christian Thibaudeau.

His philosophy is to use an individual’s neurological profile/dominance to better design the optimal training program, nutrition plan, and (if desired) supplement regimen.

With this test, you will be able to get a good idea of what your neurotype is and thus make the best decisions possible regarding your training, nutrition, and supplementation.

What's included

  • 51 questions

    The test is online and fully automatized.

  • An assessment result indicating what your dominance is

    You will be able to see the percentage of your results

  • The option of sending your results to your coach or trainers

    Your Coach will be able to design your workout and your diet with your neurotype.

  • The option of buying 1 - 10 - 50 or 100 licences.

    You get a volume discount depending on the quantity you buy. Make your selection when you buy the licenses.

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Neurotyping Test Access Code(s)


$29.99$1,499.99 USD

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Your neurological profile has a large impact on:

Your need for variation What the best intensity zone train in is for you
How well you tolerate high-intensity sessions What motivates you the most in the gym
How fast/slow should you train What kind of training techniques you can use
What the optimal time under tension is for you How fast you learn new movements

Maximize your results

Neurotransmitters play a big role in your personality but also on various key elements like stress tolerance/response, motivation, drive, and the need for structure or variation.

Neurotransmitters have a huge impact on your personality. When you know which personality traits are associated with high or low levels of activity for each brain chemical, you can paint an accurate picture of your brain chemistry by evaluating those traits.

That’s why we created the Neurotyping test: Out of dissatisfaction towards the currently available means of assessment.