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Neurotyping is a concept created by Coach Christian Thibaudeau. Its philosophy is to use an individual’s neurological profile/dominance to better design the optimal training program, nutrition plan and (if desired) supplement regimen.

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3 reviews for Neurotyping Test Code

  1. Akoto Koffi

    depuis que j’ai fais le test j’ai une progression constante et incesante

  2. juliejohn015


  3. Laurent Tolila

    I am a 53 years old French maths teacher, and I have been going to the gym since my 17th, and I’m even more motivated today than ever. Passion never stops.
    Christian’s Neurotype System is the incredible tool I have been dreaming all my life long. And not only from a muscle-body composition point of view. This incredible work Christian has done may be helpful to anyone that wish to understand himself and the others better. You become able to analyse and interpret many behaviors in everyday’s life, you can predict some, you can therefore adapt so much more. You learn to know you from the inner (I’m really not sure of my English…. excuse my French !! Lol), and the others.

    The test is the first step. It’s so little to do. But it’s so helpful !! We need to have this first.
    After I have started the first course : founding principles. And now I start to understand so much more ! Christian’s work is so incredibly powerful, it’s something that helps me directly into my profession.
    Understanding the behavior of my students becomes almost like obvious. It becomes so much more easy for me to respond better to their expectations.
    Christian is the best teacher I know, I’m serious. he knows better than anyone what he is talking about, but with him it become easy to understand very complex notions. He made me feel so proud to finally understand all the neuro things we have been eating about for years… what Christian have taught me has no price… and I love learning with him, he is truly charismatic, fascinating…so easy to follow, so clear. Just listening to him is a pleasure, and step by step you realize that you understand now very complex things, very scientifics.
    I will take the 2 next courses, off course !!! I’m enthusiastic obviously, and I know it’s just the beginning…
    Merci Christian, pour moi tu es un génie encore méconnu. Ta notoriété est encore très très loin de ce que tu mérites.

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