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Pendulum training – Bodybuilding

By full_thib

/ Articles / Training / 19 November, 2020

In my last article, Pendulum Training, I introduced the basic principles behind a new way to plan your workouts. This new way of thinking is based on …

Pendulum training – Non-Linear Periodization for Maximum Gains

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / Training / 13 November, 2020

I have been writing articles for over 20 years. All and all we’re talking about over 600 individual pieces! Sometimes, I like to take a trip down memo…

The recommendations for the enhanced lifters

By full_thib

/ Articles / Hot Topic / Videos / 14 October, 2020

Talking about natural lifters is super popular but nobody talks to the enhanced lifters. And while enhanced lifters can get away with a lot more when …

The recommendations for the natural lifter

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Hot Topic / Videos / 07 October, 2020

In this video I discuss my recommendations for natural lifters when it comes to optimal training. In the context of designing a proper training plan, …

The differences between natural and enhanced training

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Hot Topic / 30 September, 2020

If you’re natural should you train like a steroid user? That’s the big question! I think that the best way to understand this topic is by …

The jacked athlete 31 plan Part 3 – The template

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / 08 September, 2020

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: THE TEMPLATE   I will provide you with a recommended periodized plan. However, I want you to keep something in mind: it is for ill…

The jacked athlete 31 plan Part 2 – The Overall Plan

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / 27 August, 2020

WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE: THE OVERALL PLAN   The Jacked Athlete 31 plan uses 4 week blocks. The first three weeks are “performance-based” and the fourth…

The Jacked Athlete 31 Plan – Part 1

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Muscle gain / Strength and performance / 24 August, 2020

FACT 1   If you constantly repeat the same workout week-in and week-out, keeping the same exercises, number of sets, number of reps and effort and int…

Hardcore golf training 

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Miscellaneous / 15 June, 2020

GOLF TRAINING PART 1 – WHY SHOULD GOLFERS STRENGTH TRAIN Golf and I Golf is likely the last activity most of you would associate with me. However, it …

Containment diet? Are you kidding me!

By Stéphane Aubé

/ Nutrition & Supplementation / 10 April, 2020

Training While Confined: Are Mass Gains And Fat Loss Still Possible?   So here we are… Everywhere on the planet, pretty much half of the population is…

5 things you can do when you don’t have access to a gym

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Training / 20 March, 2020

When you are passionate about training, not being able to go to the gym can be a mental (and physical) torture! Not only because of the fear of losing…


The little guide to rookie coaches

By Stéphane Aubé

/ Articles / 23 January, 2020

46 800 hours…that’s about the time I’ve spent working as a coach for the last 13 years. Doesn’t look that much, you say? Let&#…