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Three Tactics to Optimize Deadlift Training for Fast Strength and Mass Gains

By Stephane Cazeault

/ Articles / Strength and performance / 21 December, 2017

We all want to be muscular, strong and powerful, isn’t this what every trainee aspires to? One of the fastest ways to reach high levels of strength is…

Barbell Workouts for Busy People

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / Strength and performance / 19 December, 2017

I have plenty of clients who work inhumane hours, yet all of them train 4 to 7 days per week and are making significant progress. I’m fed up wit…

Just Fly Performance Podcast Episode: Neuro-Typing and the Future of Individualizing Athletic Performance

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Podcasts / 18 December, 2017

Key Points: – Christian Thibaudeau’s background as an athlete and how it has impacted his role in neuro-typing – The neuro-typing system, …

Pillars of Success for a Year-Round Single-Digit Bodyfat

By Stéphane Aubé

/ Articles / Fat loss / Nutrition & Supplementation / 14 December, 2017

Nowadays, we talk about fat loss like we talk about the weather. Believe it or not, every time I hang out with my wife, the moment I mention what I do…

Optimal Workout Preparation for Your Neurotype

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Nutrition & Supplementation / Rehab, mobility & injury prevention / 12 December, 2017

“You need to foam roll, then do mobility work, this will reduce muscle tension, perception of pain and will help you lift better and prevent injuries.…

Top Foods for Improved Training Performance – Part 1

By Jake Carter

/ Articles / Nutrition & Supplementation / 07 December, 2017

Nutrition is the language of our cells –it dictates how we look, feel, function and perform. It is drastically undervalued when compared the uncountab…

The Best Fat Loss Tools For Your Neurotype

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Fat loss / Neurotyping / 05 December, 2017

Let’s face it: for most of us cardio sucks. It’s boring and mind numbing and can be enough to kill our motivation to train. For some, it c…

CrossFit Box Owners: Are You Using a Health-Based Approach?

By Karim El Hlimi

/ Articles / Crossfit / Rehab, mobility & injury prevention / 30 November, 2017

Here are some things I have heard from people who tried CrossFit and were not so pumped about it:  «I was close to being sick, I don’t see the point. …


Popular Training Systems Adapted to Neurotype – Part 1: German Volume Training

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / Neurotyping / 28 November, 2017

German Volume Training, or GVT (10 sets of 10 reps on an exercise), is one of the simplest yet most effective training approaches to build muscle. It …

Three of the Best Training Methods Adapted to Each Neurotype

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Muscle gain / Neurotyping / Strength and performance / 21 November, 2017

Ever since man has started to lift weights to become bigger and stronger we’ve been looking for the “best” and “most effective…

Neurotyping: Nutrition for the Type 3

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Neurotyping / Videos / 17 November, 2017

Maybe you’re a Type 3? If you are, watch this video on nutrition for the Type 3 profile. You’ll also want to watch the video on training for the Type …


So You Want to Be an Online Authority? How to Write a Good Article

By Christian Thibaudeau

/ Articles / Miscellaneous / 16 November, 2017

It used to be people only asked me about how to build muscle, get stronger or get leaner, but a trend has been emerging in the past few years. A lot m…