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Online coaching introduction

Powerlifting is strictly barbell specific and you will need proper technique to withstand the punishment and to progress well injury-free. In collaboration with Thibarmy, Alex Babin (Defying Gravity Lifting Crew) offers online coaching to teach you optimal lifting techniques based on your mechanics to help you break through your plateaus and become stronger.

In order to coach you optimally, it is imperative that we see your lifts before you start, as this will allow us to analyze your movements and dissect them. This will help us determine what we need to work on, and make sure your programming is properly individualized.

You will receive your weekly training plan, as well as updates every week based on your performances & reality. We will adjust volume, intensity, frequency, & plan your peaking phases et meet preps when needed.


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Coaching overview

The online coaching Powerlifting service will help you surpass your training plateaus and gain strength.

  • This online coaching will teach you optimal lifting techniques based on your mechanics
  • For optimal results, we suggest you train with us for at least a 12-week period
  • 199.97$ per month

Christian Thibaudeau,
Christian Thibaudeau has been involved in the business of training for over the last 15 years. During this period, he worked with athletes from 28 different sports.


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What does the online coaching include?

  • All powerlifting programs are designed by Alex Babin
  • Thibarmy is proud to have chosen Fitbot as its official partner for their online coaching solutions. Once you buy your online coaching on Thibarmy, a Fitbot account will be created for you and all interaction will occur on this platform
  • Fitbot has more than 1500 videos to help you understand the exercises we are prescribing for you