Online coaching introduction

Let us take charge of your meal planning and help you towards your personal goals.

Nutrition is the baseline of performance and body transformation. Whether we talk about recovery, strength, hypertrophy or fat loss, what you eat is the basis of your performance and your physical appearance. 

Our nutrition package is based on 12 weeks. We strongly suggest this approach, as we consider this to be the minimum time frame required to achieve significant gains. Our plan covers a maximum of variables.


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Coaching overview

This online service will take charge of your meal planning and help you towards your personal goals.


  • This online service is tailored on your personal needs and goal
  • For optimal results, we suggest you a nutrition plan for at least a 12-week period


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What does the online coaching include?

  • The nutrition package includes an initial assessment through a detailed questionnaire which will provide all the information required to set up a plan suited to your needs
  • Guidelines on supplements and cardio, various food choices, quantities and specific menu items are provided
  • You will be assessed on a bi-monthly basis using pictures, physical stats, and general feedback to allow for adjustments and modifications based on your results
  • Unlimited chat and email support are available via our platform to keep in touch throughout your journey.
  • Access to your workout from anywhere with our Thibarmy app (for Android or Apple user)