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If you want results, this is the plan you need!

This is not a program but rather supplemental work that you can add to any Thibarmy programs. With this add-on, you get a periodization over 4 weeks.

It uses the 3-step approach I rely on when working with clients who need to fix their abdominals:

  1. Improve your capacity to recruit and control your abs
  2. Develop them visually
  3. Learn to use them in more complex, functional movements


What's included

  • A complete periodization of 12 weeks

  • Explanations of the methods used on certain exercises

  • A list of alternative exercises to choose from before training


Who doesn’t want to have impressively ripped 6-pack?

This Abs Add-On can be added to virtually any program you do.  Its purpose is to fix lagging abdominals both in the aesthetic and functional sense.

It will give you significant visual and functional results and will constitute an investment in future abs development.