Understanding Neurotyping: Which Superhero Are You?

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Understanding Neurotyping: Which Superhero Are You?

Understanding Neurotyping: Which Superhero Are You?

Neurotyping refers to utilizing your personality traits to evaluate your neurotransmitter dominance and utilizing that information to select the best type of training and diet to maximize your results.

The first step to applying the Neurotyping system is, of course, being able to know which type you are. And while I have filmed many video capsules on each type, I want to take a different approach to help you understand which type you are.

By the way, as I’m writing this article, I just finished creating a Neurotyping test that will be available online shortly; but until it is made public let’s look at a cool way to understand your type.

Which Superhero Are You?

To make it easier for you to understand the particularities of each type I decided to illustrate each of them with a few superheroes.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of superheroes, so I stuck mostly to the better-known ones. Also, understand that there are tons of superheroes that are Types 1A and 1B and much fewer are 2Bs and 3s.

There are also superheroes that fit a profile based on their capacities, but their personality doesn’t fit that profile as well. For example, even if The Flash has “1B powers super speed”, he has more of a 2B personality, especially the TV version (emotional, “lover”, people pleaser, etc.). So, are you ready to find out which superhero you are?


The 1A are the “intense” persons in a group. They take a lot of space (physically and verbally), need to be the leaders and have a lot of problems with authority. They will do everything to win, even play dirty and they need to always do things their own way.

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Here are the key characteristics of a 1A. Note that 1As might not have all of these, but most of them will apply to their personality.

  • Extremely verbal, talk a lot, talk loud
  • Always want to be the leader, the centre of attention
  • Don’t deal well with authority
  • Very high self-esteem/confidence
  • Extreme competitiveness (trash talker, sore loser and winner)
  • Need to win in every situation
  • Tend to burn the candle from both ends (very intense, but burn out easily)
  • Hate rules
  • Want to do things their own way
  • Love to convince others that they are right
  • Impatient
  • Very “goal-driven”
  • Seek conflict
  • Don’t care what other people think of them
  • Act on impulse and emotions
  • Amazing under pressure
  • Love to take risks

First choice: Deadpool: This is among the most obvious ones. Deadpool is known for talking all the time, speaking his mind without any filter. He is the master of trash talk! He loves to piss people off, has a huge ego and acts on impulse even if that leads to trouble. What he does isn’t always pretty, but it ends up working. He also regenerates fast, which is common with Type 1A who can train very heavy frequently, as long as volume is kept under control.

Second choice: Ironman/Tony Starks: Very high self-esteem, always wants to be the leader, doesn’t care what other people think of him, loves to convince others that he is right, impatient. That is Tony Starks to a “T”. He always wants to do things his own way and doesn’t like to follow the rules.

Others: Many superheroes fit the 1A profile pretty well, without having all the elements. For example, Wolverine and the Punisher have many 1A traits, but they aren’t vocal and prefer to be alone than in a group. One that does fit the whole profile pretty well is Thor: he talks a lot, has a very high level of self-esteem, is competitive, talks trash, acts on impulses and emotions. But he is less conflictual than Deadpool or Ironman and doesn’t need to be the leader as much.

Type 1B

The 1B are all about speed and skills. And when I say speed, I’m not only referring to speed of movement but also in being impatient: they don’t like to wait, if things are not moving it can frustrate them. They have the highest level of motor skills: they learn movements very easily. Sometimes they are frustrating to other people because they seem to be good at everything they do!

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The main traits of 1Bs are as follows, and just like with the other categories, you might not have all of these, but if a majority applies to you, you might very well be a 1B:

  • Explosive personality: very calm most of the time; explode but a few minutes later it’s as if nothing happened
  • Seek out intense activities (thrill seeker)
  • Constantly need to try new experiences
  • High self-esteem/confidence
  • Very competitive (but not to the extreme of 1A)
  • Very easy motor learning, great natural athletes
  • Fast, agile, explosive naturally
  • Very good at multi-tasking
  • Impatient
  • Very “goal-driven”
  • Lots of imagination
  • Can easily switch from relaxed to very active and get back to relaxed
  • Is not affected by what others think of them, but still has consideration for them
  • Very good under pressure
  • Love to take risks

First choice: Superman/Clark Kent: 1Bs are basically those who seem to be good at everything! They are fast, agile, coordinated, and can learn new skills easily. They are imaginative and can easily put the “action switch” on “on” or “off” depending on the situation. They can do several different things at the same time. This seems a lot like Superman, who can pretty much do everything, is super fast, and super strong. He can quickly switch from Clark Kent (off) to Superman (on) and lives a double life without anybody knowing.

Second choice: Green Arrow/Oliver Queen:  While he doesn’t have any superpowers, the Green Arrow is an amazing natural “athlete”. He is highly coordinated, agile, explosive and fast. He has a very high level of gymnastic skills as well as an uncanny precision and speed with his bow. Only a 1B can be this skilled and explosive. On top of that, Green Arrow is extremely confident (cocky even), competitive and impatient. All Type 1B traits.

Others: Daredevil/Matt Murdock: Here we have another prime example of supreme skill and body control as well as a high level of confidence. Note that a lot of superheroes are 1Bs, most notably those who have solid acrobatic/gymnastic skills or great speed. The Flash could have been a 1B, but his personality (at least in the TV series) is much closer to a 2B than a 1B. But Kid Flash/Wally West would definitely be a 1B.

Type 2A

2As are people who are normally shy, want to please other people, have a lower level of self-esteem, don’t want to make decisions or be the leader. But when the adrenalin kicks in, they morph into an alpha version of themselves: high confidence, more extroverted, feel stronger, etc. Here are the complete characteristics of a 2A:

  • Lower self-esteem when at rest
  • Potentiated by high adrenaline situations but can easily choke when there is too much
  • Want to get along with everybody
  • Excellent at creating personas, changing their personality depending on the situation
  • Need to create reciprocity with the person they are talking to
  • What others think of them is super important
  • Losing face is destructive for them
  • Tend to mimick the most influential person for them
  • Great at reading people
  • Don’t like to make decisions
  • Fun to be around, like to have fun
  • Need variation, change
  • Their driving force is their need to earn the respect, admiration, acceptation of others
  • Hate to feel left out, even in an activity they didn’t want to do in the first place
  • Procrastinate and do better work when they are last minute

First choice: The Hulk/Bruce Banner: When talking about someone who switches from a low self-esteem follower to a strong dominating alpha the most obvious choice is The Hulk. Bruce Banner is somewhat introverted, has lower self-esteem, can’t take a decision to save his life and doesn’t want to be in the lead. But when he becomes The Hulk, he morphs into this dominating beast: super strong, confident, doesn’t fear anything. Typical 2A.

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Second choice: Batman/Bruce Wayne: The reason why I put Batman as a second choice is because contrary to Bruce Banner who really is shy, introverted, doesn’t want to be the leader, Bruce Wayne’s personality as an introverted billionaire with very little care is an act.

But it still represents a good example of someone having two distinct personalities: from someone who doesn’t care much about anything and wants to live the easy life to the dark knight who wants to be the leader of the Justice league and who doesn’t fear anything. Another reason why I include Batman as a second choice is his love for gadgets: type 2A love their gadgets! That’s why in training they love to use chains, bands, different types of bars, etc.

Others: He-man/Prince Adam: Ok, He-Man is not technically a superhero… sue me! But this is my article and I will use the examples that I see fit to get the point across. Prince Adam is aloof, shy, loves to have fun and is a people pleaser. He is almost the exact opposite of his Alter-Ego, He-Man.

When Prince Adam morphs into He-Man he is strong, fast, creative, doesn’t fear anything and likes to take control. Another very obvious 2A personality. Another prime example would be Beast. While he doesn’t morph or change. When he is in a low-stress situation he is calm, proper, a people pleaser. But when he is in action he becomes, well, a beast!

Type 2B

Type 2Bs are less represented as superheroes because 2Bs are not really “fighters”, they are lovers. So, they naturally present fewer traits that are traditional for superheroes. But if we look at the 2B characteristics we can still come up with a few good examples.

  • Lower self-esteem
  • Great at reading people
  • More introverted but still need to have the approval and respect of others
  • Much better 1-on-1 than in a group; very good in that situation
  • Very emotional
  • Easily fall in love
  • Love to dress well and look good
  • Like displays of emotions, grand gestures
  • Give everything to each relationship, friendship, marriage, couple, family
  • People pleasers
  • Want to avoid disappointing others at all cost
  • Their greatest motivation is being loved, liked, desired, admired
  • Prefer to stick to activities they know and love
  • Are the best at listening to others and helping them
  • Don’t like to be the leader
  • Will work harder than everybody else if they think it’s going to get them respected
  • Sacrifice themselves or their well-being for the good of others
  • The most prone to choking under pressure

First choice: Captain America/Steve Rodgers: As a kid, Steve Rodgers was the kid being intimidated and beaten. He had low self-esteem because of that. Even with his superpowers, Rodgers maintained these traits, which makes him the ultimate people pleaser: the guy who will sacrifice himself for the well being of others; always try to help his friends when they have personal issues, he is an extremely hard worker and always wants to do the right things and follow the rules. He is a good-looking guy with a kick-ass suit and wants to be liked by everybody.

Second choice: Luke Cage: Cage is more introverted and really cares about others more than he cares about himself. He easily falls in love and will do everything he can for the person he loves. He doesn’t hide his personality and acts openly (public displays). As a good 2B, disappointing others is one of the worst things that can happen to him.

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Others: Two other examples that come to mind are Black Lightning and Black Panther. Ok, before you go on and accuse me of racial profiling (Luke Cage, Black Lightning and Black Panther being, well, black) I think that it is the original author’s fault. I think that black superheroes are often depicted more as people who fight for their community.

These heroes were likely created in response to the poor social situation of the black community. In my opinion, that’s why they are depicted as people with great values and who want to do what they can to help their community rise up. Black Lightning, while being a minor superhero, is a prime example since his main life goal is to help black kids get a better chance at life.

Type 3

Type 3 is the least frequent profile for a superhero. They are normally more anxious, do not like to take risks, are more introverted and cerebral. Not exactly the image we have of the brave hero that flies to the face of danger without even a shadow of a plan!  Type 3 will normally be:

  • Introverted
  • Highest level of anxiety
  • Function better when following a routine
  • Need to follow a plan, a structure
  • Don’t deal well with unexpected changes of plan
  • Pragmatic
  • Hate taking risks, play it safe
  • Prefer repetitiveness over novelty and variation
  • Great observers and « information gatherers »
  • Intellectualize their decision making
  • Don’t talk much
  • Are secretive about themselves
  • Think a lot
  • Don’t like « thrills »
  • Less inclined to create social connections
  • Extreme focus and concentration
  • Very patient

First choice: Professor X/Charles Xavier: That is the obvious choice. A purely cerebral superhero who is a great organizer and hates to take risks or have his pupils take risks. He is secretive about himself and his history and doesn’t talk much. He thinks 2-3 moves ahead and always try to control the X-men when they want to act too quickly, out of emotion.

Second choice: Jean Grey: Jean is more of an introvert too. She is cautious to a fault, which is Type 3 traits. And her powers (telepathy, telekinesis) being powers of the mind are also in line with the “overthinking” nature of the Type 3. She is protective of others and wants to avoid danger as much as possible. Again, also part of the Type 3 personality.

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Others: Spiderman/Peter Parker: This one is more debatable because Spiderman does take risks. But he is a superhero, after all, that’s part of the job! But if you look more closely you will see that Peter Parker is an introvert and he is a great thinker with a scientific mind.

His “spider-sense” could even be seen as a form of “paranoia”: being naturally more anxious (like a Type 3) makes you a lot more aware of potential dangers, and that’s what the “spider-sense” is. The introvert nature of Peter Parker (and constant inner dialogue), his scientific mind and his increased awareness of danger makes him a Type 3 superhero.

So which superhero are you? Is your “totem superhero” representative of the superheroes you personally prefer? I know that in my case it is: I always loved The Hulk and Batman which are representative of the 2A personality.

I hope that this fun article helps you understand the neurotypes a bit better. Or at least entertained you.