WB Series: Muscle building program


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Get jacked without spending 3 hours in the gym

WB stands for Whole Body, meaning you’ll train your entire body in every workout! This program is for everyone that want to build serious overall muscle mass while not losing any time at the gym. Each workout session is lasting between 45 and 90 minutes maximum depending on how much you talk between sets…

In this Muscle building program, you’ll get 3 training sessions each week, the first 8 weeks will have an eccentric, a stato-dynamic and a concentric day. As for the realization phase (the last 3 weeks), training days will be splitted like this: Free-weight compound, compound machines and Single-joint.

Whole body training is amazing for busy people who still want incredible results and don’t have 3 hours to spend in the gym. You have a busy life and we get it, so we made a program that suits your lifestyle and will make you look amazing on the beach!

What's included

  • A full 12 week periodized program

  • 3 workouts per week

  • 51 pages PDF document

  • Train your entire body each training session

Build Muscle, look HUGE

This program is made to build overall muscle mass by training your entire body every session.

Here are some examples of training methods/split that are used in this program:

  • Stato-Dynamic
  • Stato-Dynamic pre-fatigue
  • Free-Weights
  • Machines
  • Barbell
  • Slow eccentric
  • Intra-rep Stato-Dynamic
  • Rest/Pause
  • Double Rest/Pause
  • Much more!

Be ready to get massive, look jacked and more important to ”enjoy” your training.

Buy all 4 Whole Body Series programs and save BIG! A total of 48 weeks of training!

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