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This is a bundle of the 3 Neurotyping courses combined into one package:

Neurotyping: Founding principles

Neurotyping 2: Program Design

Neurotyping 3:Nutrition

The Neurotyping system teaches you the importance of Neurochemistry and its role in behaviour, aswell as optimal training and nutrition.

The founding principles will teach you all about the science behind the Neurotyping system and will give you solid guidelines to start designing a program for each type of personality.

In part two, program design, you will focus more on practical issues. Specifically about how to assess a client’s neurological profile and then how to design optimal programs based on both their neurotype and goal(s).

In the final portion of the course, you will focus on nutrition and supplementation. Learning how to utilize nutrition to maximize performance and recovery and various supplementation approaches that can help you optimize your own brain chemistry.


What's included

  • 3 courses in 1 product

  • Each course comes with its own handbook

  • Neurotype test included

  • More than 11 hours of video content

  • An online multiple choice final exam for each course

  • E-certificate upon completion of each module

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Christian has been coaching clients for over 20 years. Ranging from the average Joe/Jane up to professional athletes and bodybuilders. And right from the start, he knew that not everybody responded the same way to various types of training. And we are not even talking about how much muscle or strength one could build on a specific program but on how someone is motivated by a certain approach and get bored or anxious with another one.

Neurotyping is the culmination of his life work. It is the system that explains WHY some people respond great to some forms of training and not to others.