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If you want to learn what is proper way to eat to maximize performance, take this course!

This is the last course of the series on the Neurotyping system. This course will be focusing on nutrition and supplementation.

You learn:

  • What to eat to maximize performance and whether eating for recovery is the same thing as eating for performance.
  • The various supplementation approaches that can help you optimize your own brain chemistry.

What's included

  • A handbook of 21 pages (downloadable pdf)

  • 1 Neurotyping test

  • More than 3 hours of video content

  • An online multiple-choice final exam to confirm the completion of the Course

  • An E-certificate of successful completion

Enhance Your Knowledge

In this course, you will see that training should be influenced by your neurological profile, nutrition, and supplementation themselves can directly influence that profile. It will teach you the proper way how to eat to maximize performance.

Indeed what you eat can have a significant effect on brain chemistry and, as a result, on how you feel and perform. If a caloric deficit is the main key to losing fat, how you are feeling while dieting downplays a big role in being able to stay on the diet that gives us that caloric deficit.