This way to a head-turning physique

Type 2B are all about getting a nasty pump, feeling the muscles do the work, getting that burn when lifting. They need to feel that they are working their muscles. Their nervous system is not designed to recover fast from heavy work; so even though this plan will get you stronger, it is not the main purpose of the plan and you will get strong for moderate reps, not over a 1RM effort. The program uses a specific progression of training methods from phase to phase, but even though you will use heavier weights from phase to phase, the main objective of these methods is still to maximize the pump and muscle fiber fatigue (supersets, double contractions, partials added at the end of a set, rest/pause, etc.). This is a program designed first and foremost to build a maximum amount of muscle.


What's included

  • Your 12-week detailed plan

  • 5 weekly workouts

  • Explanatory videos by Christian Thibaudeau

Get mind-blowing pumps

This is a pure hypertrophy/muscle-building plan. It uses the best methods to maximize muscular development and mind-muscle connection. The progression of methods will focus on improving that mind-muscle connection prior to maximizing growth stimulation, to make the training as efficient as possible. This program is 12 weeks long

This program will give you maximum muscle growth.