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This 6 weeks program is inspired by the training style of Chuck Sipes and includes some of what we consider to be his most effective methods.

This IS NOT Chuck Sipes training

That’s why I say that this program is “inspired” by Sipes. You can find many of his actual programs on the Internet and Dennis B. Weis (who trained under Sipes) wrote several books about Sipes’ training and nutrition methods. So if you want to try his actual plan, you can. But most will not be able to recover from the workload.

That’s why I created this plan. It’s a “toned down” version (you’ll see that it’s still higher in volume compared to what I would normally recommend), but it will actually be more effective for 95% of you. There is also more variation than Sipes used, as he could stick to the exact same program for months and months with no issue.

But the “engine” of the program, its philosophy, is all Sipes. From the methods to the exercises to the logic behind the plan.

If you want to grow big, strong, and hard this approach fits the bill 100%.

What's included

  • A complete periodization of 6 weeks

  • 4 workouts per week

  • 1 PDF - 65 pages

  • Explanations of the methods used on certain exercises


The methods used

Pyramid training: Sipes’ favorite loading scheme was to gradually increase the weight from set to set while reducing the reps. He often did sets of 8-8-6-6-4-4-2-2-1-1. I have adapted that approach slightly like this, in itself, is already a lot of volume for one session.

Heavy partials: Most of the “Legend Series” programs will include heavy partials work because most of the strongest lifters from the 60s and before using them! Sipes was no exception. He loved doing top half or top quarter work with a lot more poundage than he could on the full lift. He also loved doing heavy supports just to get the feel of super heavyweights.

Loaded stretching: Stretching with weights is something I have written about in the past: .


Low reps: Sipes loved to lift heavy and used mostly low repetitions, even on isolation movements. On smaller movements, he often relied on sets of 6-8 repetitions instead of the more traditional 10-15 reps. The 6-8 reps zone is the favored range of “PowerBuilder” as it is indeed very effective to build both size and strength. 4-6 makes you big and strong with a bias toward strength gains. 8-10 can also make you big and strong but with a bias toward size. 6-8 gives you the most balanced approach.