Type 3 and precision are synonymous.

This diet is about improving how your body functions. Get better at fighting stressors, lower your cortisol, and build muscle like never before.

Release the stress of a fat loss diet. Improve digestion and energy.

Your recovery will never be as efficient. Also, this diet and the supplements protocol will help you sleep better by increasing serotonin.

What's included

  • A complete supplements protocol exclusively made to optimize neurotransmitters for the Type 3

  • Guidelines on how to set macros, progression and adjustments week by week

  • A recommended list of aliments

Cover all aspect of your nutrition!

Type 3  schedule their workout in a very rigid manner and get their best improvements from mastering the technical aspects of training. These are the people who are very routine-based and don’t like unexpected stuff. This desire to control their environment is a sign of anxiety and stress. That’s why the diet I’ve created for Type 3 is that much higher in carbs. Carbs are used to mitigate cortisol and upregulate serotonin, a neurotransmitter they lack.

The plan also includes lots of information on supplements to increase testosterone production, improve gut health, immunity, and how to improve recovery from their workout.

Take the control of your nutrition and get ready to knock any curve ball life can throw at you!