If I could define Type 1B in three words, they would be speed, explosiveness and time efficiency. Expect them to work with performance in mind. How to approach a fat loss diet with a Type 1B? Think quick results and time-saving planning. That’s why an intermittent fasting approach sticks pretty well with their busy schedule, overactive minds, and quick tempers. Since they produce less cortisol than most other neurotypes thanks to their high serotonin level, this makes them good at fasting without producing too much cortisol. They also have high acetylcholine production, which enhances their learning capacities and enables them to tolerate a higher volume of work than Type 1A, for example.

This diet will cover all the nutritional perspectives going from nutrient timing to supplementation, as well as how to modulate cortisol to get the most out of the fat loss diet.

Don’t lose time, start losing fat right now!


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