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Find Your Real Strength

Father’s Day

Since I can remember I’ve been passionate about lifting weights & getting stronger, it always had a powerful meaning in my life. I feel the MOST ALIVE when I lift the most weight. Getting stronger physically gives me the confidence I need to tackle life & convinces my soul I can do anything I put my mind to. Find your strength!

The impact on my mind & spirit of getting stronger has always outweighed the physical benefits.

As a new father, this weekend I got to celebrate my 2nd father’s day and let me tell you the past year and a half has been nothing short of amazing.

Seeing my daughter quickly grow up from a dependent newborn baby who could barely move by herself into a more independent, curious, sweet, full of life little girl who loves to laugh, talk (sort of), scream, run, climb everything she sees or get her mom and I to run after her around the house & in the yard every chance she gets, have all been the highlight of my days.

I myself lost my father 2 years ago on Christmas eve & one thing that makes me sad to this day is the fact that he never got to meet my daughter. I wish he could’ve experienced this joy & pride as a grandfather. I also wish I could talk to him today about this whole new parenting business I got myself into, I’d like to ask him questions, get his opinion on things, see how he handled some situations. But nonetheless, I’m grateful today for the values he instilled in me and how I’m able to pass those on to my own daughter.

They say having a child changes you, and I agree.

It changes your lifestyle, your scheduling, but it also changes your priorities and definitely changes your outlook on life.

I now feel this new sense of responsibility in my life, I feel a sense of accountability. I feel every move I make is now accounted for. I feel everything I do has to sincerely reflect how I want my daughter to grow up & the moral principles I want her to adopt.

What I say to & about people, how I love my wife, my family, my friends & how I treat others have all taken a whole other meaning in my life.

Whether I’m alone in the car and getting cut off by some asshole on the road and restraining myself from lashing out in anger, whether I’m training in the gym prepping for a powerlifting meet and giving absolutely 100% of my capabilities, coaching clients, working really hard & knocking down new doors to make ends meet & providing for my family, I now appreciate the impact all my actions will one day have on my daughter and the importance in keeping my integrity as her father.

I’m very far from being perfect, trust me I’m an idiot more times than I can count & my wife could attest to that, but these values and moral standards are more present in my everyday life than ever.

These values & ethics have never weighed so heavy on me, but this particular weight isn’t one of those annoying burdens you carry around unwillingly, this is the kind of weight you carry with pride and honor! This is the heaviest weight I’ve ever had to carry, and doing so makes me more whole, it brings me joy and fulfilment and makes me feel the most alive!

Happy belated father’s day to all dads reading this!

– AB