V-Shred Must Be Stopped – Are His Programs ANY Good?

Christian Thibaudeau

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V-Shred Must Be Stopped – Are His Programs ANY Good?

That’s the title of a Youtube video that I recently watched in which Josh Brett exposes V-Shred for essentially be a scam. A pretty face hired by a team of fitness marketers to create a strong fitness brand based solely on using someone’s look to bring young boys to the barn.

The video showed how V-Shred’s knowledge is nil and how he had to copy, sometimes verbatim, the content produced by popular influencers to look legit. And that despite all of that, the brand grew strong. Hurting people along the way. The video did an awesome job at exposing the ploy, and you should definitely watch it. It will be linked down below.

I decided to do my own part for the crusade by objectively analyzing the training programs he sells on his website. You know what? If someone uses shady marketing and preposterous claims but actually provides an effective product, I’m kinda okay with that. I’ve done some marketing myself, and I understand the need to get people interested in what you are buying. But I do have a problem when someone has over-the-top marketing only to sell a shitty product.

As a strength coach who has been training people in person for over 20 years; having worked with pro athletes, Olympians, pro bodybuilders, and regular Joes and Janes, as well as having written 5 books and given seminars in 20 countries, it does piss me off when someone reaches a success level that I couldn’t even dream of despite an obvious lack of competence. Solely because he looks gorgeous and has a slick marketing team. I will not look at his business strategy to even the visual presentation of the product. I will simply look at the programming itself and objectively analyze it to let you know if it’s a legit program or a scam.

I bought the “Clean Bulk” program. Simply because that is the plan that is the less likely to have absurdities in there. With a basic muscle growth program, I’m giving him a puncher’s chance.Before going into my analysis, know that it’s essentially a 90 days program where you are training 6 days a week on a push/pull/legs split. There are three types of weeks that are rotated, a low reps week (normally 4-6 reps), a medium reps week (normally 8-12 reps), and a higher reps week 12-15). You cycle through those three weeks for the duration of the program without changing the exercises of parameters. Pretty simple stuff.

Let’s dig in.