2b program


Program introduction

Type 2Bs tend to be more attracted to workouts that provide good sensations.

A nasty pump or formidable mind-muscle connection.

They also are more interested in a training program that will provide mostly aesthetic changes.

This program uses the “hypertrophy” variant of the Omni Contraction Training System where you use an antagonist body part split and train each muscle contraction type at each workout.

This program will give you maximum muscle growth.

Main training effect: Maximum hypertrophy

Main methods: Isometric pre-fatigue, slow eccentrics, stato-dynamics reps, rest/pause, iso post-fatigue, supersets

One of the main benefits of the NEUROTYPING SYSTEM is to optimize your training to your personality and response to various types of stress. Some personality types will crave variation while others perform better when the tasks to perform stay similar over time.

You have those who love and tolerate heavy lifting while others will crash on such a regimen but will thrive on a higher volume, lower loads plan. This is why I designed these plans: so that you will find the best fit for your brain and body, leading to optimized motivation, stress response, and progress.

I want to make one thing clear:

Each of these five programs is super effective in their own right. Meaning that anybody who uses any one of the five will get solid results if they follow the plan, even if it doesn’t fit their neurotype. But if you match your neurotype with the proper program you will get better results and will feel better and more motivated during the 12 weeks of the plan.

All five programs use my Omni-Contraction Training System (OCTS) which combines eccentric, isometric, and concentric methods in each training phase.


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Program overview

The plan uses the following split:

Day 1 – Chest and Biceps

Day 2 – Lower body

Day 3 – Back and Triceps

Day 4 – Delts and Rhomboids/Traps (and calves)

It also relies on exercise pairings (A1/A2). Each pairing focuses on one type of muscle action (eccentric, isometric, concentric). You train each contraction type at every session.

You thus get the best of both worlds: The Neurotyping System and the OCTS!

  • 4 (either antagonist split or whole-body + gap workout) weekly workouts
  • 5-6 exercises per day
  • 3-5 sets per exercises during accumulation phases, 2 to 4 during intensification phases


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What does the program include?

  • A complete 12-week program divided into 4 phases of 3 weeks
  • Directions and mandatory notes on the execution and specific methods used in the program
  • An RPE chart to help gauge the level of effort in each set
  • 5 PDF (Over 60 pages)


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  • Can I add abdominal work to this program?¸

    This program already contains a lot of intensity, but adding abdominal work can only be a better and more complete approach.

  • How long is the program?

    The program is 12 weeks long.

  • Can this program be done by women?

    Hell, yeah!

  • What is the refund policy?

    This purchase is non-refundable

  • Does it include a nutrition plan?

    No, there is no nutrition plan included. However, you can look here: Thibarmy Diets to find the right nutrition plan based on your neurotype. 

  • What kind of equipment do I need?


    • Barbell and weights

    • Dumbbells

    • Power rack or squat stand

    • Pulley station


    • Hack squat machine (can be replaced by leg press, landmine squat, or Goblet squat)

    • Prowler or stationary bike

    • Trap bar

  • Can I do this program if it’s not my neurotype?

    Yes. While the programs are optimized for a certain neurotype, you can still do a program that doesn’t fit your type.

    However, understand that you might have a harder time to recover and you might lose motivation at some point. But it is doable if you are in a lower stress situation.