The program, that will build a strong, hard and dense physique!


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High Frequency Bodybuilding

Program introduction

“The approach used in this newest program is one of my personal favorites.  The high frequency model is not about the number of training sessions per week but rather about the number of times you train each muscle during the week.  The program has you training 4x/week, training every muscle on each of those days.  It is constructed to provide ample recovery all while triggering protein synthesis, and is optimal for advanced individuals.  The program has three phases progressing from building a foundation of balanced eccentric, isometric and concentric strength to maximizing strength development.    The result will be a strong, hard and dense physique that performs as well as it looks!”

Christian Thibaudeau


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Program overview

With this program, you will build a strong, hard and dense physique that performs as well as it looks!

  • The program is 12 weeks long
  • The plan is designed for 4 training days per week and there is an option for light training on the off days
  • This program is designed to build a foundation of muscle mass and maximize strength development
  • The frequency is not in the total number of sessions per week, but how often in a week do you directly train each muscle. It triggers protein synthesis in every muscle 4 times per week


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What does the program include?

  • Your 12-week detailed plan
  • Access to the forum for questions
  • Explanatory videos by Christian Thibaudeau


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  • How long is the program?

    The program has 3 4-week phases.  It is 12 weeks long.

  • Does it include a nutrition plan?

    No, there is no nutrition plan included.

  • What kind of equipment do I need?

    You will find most of the equipment needed in a conventional gym, but you also need access to a prowler and farmer walk bars.  Note that farmer walk bars can be replaced with heavy dumbbells or kettlebells.


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High Frequency Bodybuilding