Program introduction

This specialization program is the one that is the fastest way to completely change the first impression you give with your physique.The chest and delts are what we call Hollywood muscles because when an actor needs to look impressive rapidly for a movie role he will specialize on these, and for good reason: when these muscles are well-developed you make a very powerful first impression. They can create an illusion of size and muscularity like no other muscles can.

Completely developed shoulders will make you look jacked instantly. Guy or girl, if your deltoids are round and defined people will know that you train hard and it will give your body that polished look. It also gives your physique a V-shape that makes you look more aesthetic and athletic. And for those of us who grew up watching Arnold in the movies, we know how much of an impact a big, full chest can have!



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Program overview

  • The program is 4 weeks long and is divided into 4 different set-ups modulated by frequency, volume, and intensity. Each week targets a specific zone of intensity starting from a lower load and more time under tension and accumulation work over more volume and ending 4 weeks later with less volume and more intensity per sets using methods like rest-pause and clusters.
  • Each workout has its own structure, which makes for a very diversified program and helps to avoid accommodation. Methods and techniques are also varied a lot. Some weeks are made of 6 workouts per week, while some other weeks are 5 workouts per week. Each workout is set up to make sure the individual is recovering from the previous one.
  • This program is made to get you bigger. Of course, you can gain strength, but it’s not the purpose of the program. This is a high-level hypertrophy program that will put you to the test. It can be good for bodybuilder, fitness athlete or gym addicts who want to push themselves to a higher level. Also, powerlifters who seek hypertrophy, athletes who need to add muscle mass during their off-season.
  • The program involves free-weights and machines.


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What does the program include?

  • As much as 28 different hypertrophy workouts designed to ensure maximum muscle stimulation, add intensity techniques and get hypertrophy to another level.
  • Demo videos for most of the exercises including proper technique demonstration, installation, and technical cues.
  • A concrete explanation of the goal targeted with the program, how to push each session and what to look for each week.
  • Added tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of each workout of the week.


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  • Is this the right program for me?


    This program is well suited for you if you need to develop more chest and delts to balance out your physique compared to other body parts, or if you have difficulty recruiting or growing those particular areas. The program will put most of its volume on chest and delts while maintaining the rest of the body. This program is made to create the fastest hypertrophy gains in the shortest amount of time.

  • How long is the program?

    The program is 4 weeks long. Each week addresses a progression in intensity and modulates volume in order to help recovery while keeping the frequency of work high.

  • Does it include a nutrition plan

    No. Some tips are given as to when you should increase calories depending on the weeks, but overall, you should workout in a calorie surplus environment if you want to maximize the anabolic effect of the program.

  • What Kind of equipment do I need?

    Most commercial gyms will have the required equipment. Power rack, smith machine and press machine can be some of the equipment that certain gyms do not have. Also, make sure you have resistance bands for some of the exercises as there is accommodating resistance work.


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