It’s a little known fact, because he is associated with strength/power athletes and bodybuilders, that Coach Christian Thibaudeau has had at least as most success getting women in great shape. From national and pro level figure/bikini competitors to elite Crossfit competitors (including Crossfit Games athletes) and international level figure skaters he has pretty much seen it all. This training camp is designed specifically for women who want to both transform their body and reach a high level of physical performance in 12 weeks. 

You will be coached by Christian Thibaudeau, his right hand for the past 13 years and nutrition expert Stephane Aubé and Jessica Feeny, the true reason behind the success of Thibarmy. You will receive a 12 weeks training program, a nutritional plan, supplement recommendations, but more importantly, unlimited coaching via our private coaching group.

If you want to surpass yourself and if you are a woman who is willing to train balls to the walls, you must do this online training group.

This is a brand-new experience, be part of it!


👉🏻Enroll yourself in the training camp

👉🏻Request your access to “WOMEN HARD BODY ” Facebook group

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👉🏻You will receive your workout program TWO WEEKS the beginning of the training camp

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Our training camp will start on September 9th, 2019.

*Special launch price – $99,99 is only available until July 14th.

**Earlybird price – $119,99 is only available until July 31st.

***Regular price – $139,99 

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