Ultimate Strength Series: The Deadlift


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There is nothing more “functional” than being able to pick up something heavy from the floor.
Deadlift tends to be a love it or hate it lift for lifters as many will struggle to progress it like they do their other lifts….. but not anymore.
Introducing our NEW Deadlift Specialization program.
This 10-week program uses a variety of methods, including the Progressive Range of Motion (PRM) method, to leave your deadlift with no choice but to progress. This program aims to improve the deadlift by not only targeting maximal strength but focussing on pulling strength, grip strength and technical ability via three weekly workouts.
Oh, and don’t worry, there’s a weekly pressing workout in there to make sure your bench doesn’t go down while you’re busy prepping for a huge deadlift PR 😉
Bundle all 3 Ultimate Strength Series programs (Deadlift, Squat and Bench) and save BIG! More details here: Complete Bundle

What's included

  • Full downloadable PDF of 50+ pages

  • 4 training sessions per week

  • Complete training program with huge emphasis on the Deadlift

  • 10 weeks of training with a test week on the last week

This program is all about PURE Strength, period.

Whether you are a powerlifter prepping for a meet, an athlete who want to be more powerful or just want to be strong AF, the Ultimate Strength Series is made for you.

In this 10-week program, you will maintain the Squat and the Bench and work A LOT on the Deadlift so you hit a new PR on the 10th week.

Here are some training methods that are used in this program:

  • Progressive range of Motion (PRM)
  • Mechanical DropSet
  • Loaded Stretching
  • Goerner Deadlift progression
  • Partials
  • Deadstarts