I hope that you're ready to sweat!

Christian Thibaudeau

Welcome to our new training camp!

A training method like you’ve never experienced before.

This online training camp offers a unique way to improve your body composition under the guidance of coaches Christian Thibaudeau and his team.


What's included

  • The plan includes 4-5 workout days, depending on the phase. You can also add additional low-intensity cardio work on your off days for health and fat loss purposes.

  • Answers to all of your questions via our private Facebook group

  • Your training program and nutritional guide in PDF

  • Being a part of our community of like-minded and highly-motivated people

Our training camp start on September 14th, 2020

  1. Reserve your spot in this training camp
  2. Request your access to “THIBARMY TRAINING CAMP – FALL 2020 ” Facebook group
  3. You can download your diet and your program directly in your Thibarmy account
  4. You can ask any questions you have in the Facebook group

A training method like you’ve never experienced before!

You will be provided with the 12 weeks, 4 phases, training program. It includes detailed information about the sets, reps, tempo, training methods, effort level, and technical recommendations. Each workout day has its own sheet, which can also be used as your training journal.
Two of the four phases focus on rapid fat loss (first and last phases) while the two middle phases can be used to lose fat at a more manageable pace while gaining some muscle or to gain some muscle with no fat gain.
The program structure is based on alternating phases of blitz fat loss and fat maintenance/muscle growth. This makes it more psychologically manageable for those who are good at doing very intense efforts for a short period of time, but lose focus, interest, and motivation when they have to be restrictive for a longer period of time. It’s also a good approach to lose fat and gain muscle in the same period.
This training camp features an improved nutritional plan: we give you easy to follow nutritional plans, adapted to several bodyweight categories as well as provide nutritional equivalency to fit the diet to your own personal preferences.
The cool thing is that the type of program used also changes drastically from phase to phase, which will keep most of us motivated because things don’t get redundant. There are four phases in this plan and each phase is of a different nature, while still utilizing a focus on the three main types of muscle contractions (eccentric, isometric, concentric).

Don't miss it!

At Thibarmy, we’ve been successfully running online coaching groups for a while now. And we are pleased with the success we, and more importantly, our clients had. Most of them stay for the next one because the results are addictive.

But despite all of that, we weren’t 100% satisfied with the service we offered. We wanted to take it up a notch by solving the main problem with online coaching groups: individualization of the program.

For those of you who wish to go through this type of training, coach Thibaudeau and his team invite you to join them for a 12-week online training camp.