The Concentrated Loading System E-book


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The Concentrated Loading System is an under-utilised approach by coaches, when often it can be the best method to use with an Athlete.

In this E-Book Coach Thib gives you all the information you need to effectively utilise The Concentrated loading system.

Topics covered over 10 chapters (48 pages) include:

  • Description of the system
  • Rules and Guidelines
  • Programming and exercise selection
  • How to structure your seasonal/annual programming

What's included

  • What is the concentrated loading system?

  • Benefits of Concentrated loading system

  • 10 Chapters

  • 48 Pages

Take advantage of one of the most effective training systems

If you’re not already using this, you are missing out on potential gains.

If you train or coach athletes for performance then the Concentrated loading systems is one of the best tools in your tool box.

Learn when and how to use it for maximal effect to take YOUR or your ATHLETES performance to the NEXT LEVEL