The Art and Science Of Maximal Strength And Athletic Performance Training – Webinar


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Learn about various programming strategies, when to use them and with whom the progression of your athletes

Join Christian for nearly 3 hours of content about how to train for maximal performance on the field!

The goal of resistance training is to make the athlete perform better on the field, NOT just perform better in the gym.

Training for athletic performance is all about maximizing TRANSFER to the field.

If you are training to improve your own athletic performance or are coaching athletes in the weights room you DO NOT want to miss this one.

During this webinar Christian will cover:

    • Physiological fundamentals such as the role of cortisol in training
    • The differences between training for hypertrophy, strength, and athletic performance
    • The use of hypertrophy and strength training for improving athletic performance
    • The use of overload/supramaximal training methods in strength and athletic performance
    • The use of explosive lifting, plyometrics and complexes in strength and athletic performance
    • And more

This will give you all the tools you need to create effective programs for improving the athletic performance of you and/or your athletes.

What's included

  • Nearly 3 hours of video content

  • Fundamental physiological knowledge to help you understand why specific methods are effective

  • Detailed breakdown of different training methods and their applicability for athletic populations

  • Programming guidelines to help you build your own successful programs

  • Downloadable PDF of the presentation slides