The Advanced Eternal Warrior


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Improve health, function, and longevity whilst looking jacked in the process

This is our first program launch of 2022 and it’s a good one!

The Eternal Warrior approach is designed to increase longevity and quality of life through an increase in functionality and physiological adaptations, while still focusing on performing like a bad-ass in the gym and looking good naked

The Eternal Warrior program is Coach Thibaudeau’s latest brainchild and one of those of which he is most proud

This program has been designed to create hard-wearing warriors who will outlast and outwork their competition at every opportunity

Don’t hesitate, join the Eternal Warrior army now

What's included

  • Full 12 week training plan divided in to 3 phases

  • 4 main workouts per week with reccomended active recovery work for non-lifting days

  • Direction and notes on the execution of each lift along with special methods

  • RPE chart to help you perform your sets at the correct level of intensity


Expect this plan to make you stronger, leaner, and tougher (both physically and mentally).

At no point will you be comfortable, but as we know nothing good grows in your comfort zone.

Join the Eternal Warrior Army now!