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This program is the next weapon you need to acquire in your arsenal.

This program focuses on getting you as strong as possible while also allowing you to add muscle to your frame.

The way it is structured is that the backbone of the plan is my Omni-Contraction Training System. This means three main training days per week, with three big compound movements covering the whole body each. In the first workout, you focus on eccentric strength, on the second on isometric actions and on the third on concentric strength.

This program will get you really strong on the big basic lifts, without neglecting the aesthetic side of things.

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What's included

  • 12 weeks of training (divided into 3 phases)

  • Explanation and mandatory notes on exercises execution

  • An RPE chart to help gauge your level of effort


There was a time where looking big and muscular equaled being strong too. Nowadays, we know that bodybuilding is not about strength but about serious muscle hypertrophy.

On the other hand, some people aim for the strength aspect of training. They want to be strong and lift heavy stuff. What about aiming for both of them? What could be more impressive than someone who is big, massive, lean, and strong as hell?

Each lift will be worked through its entire spectrum, going from strength work to assistance and hypertrophy work to get the most out of each workout. Not only will you get bigger, but you will get stronger on each of the basic lifts including squat, bench, deadlift, and even overhead press and chin-up after this 12-week program.

Get ready to be the ultimate lifter in the gym, as the Strong As You Look Program is not only a show-off one but a solid strategy to bring out the beast in you. Show your strength, be the strength!