Stand Your Ground

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An old school methods 'Powerbuilding' program that will get you Jacked but also get you significantly stronger and every exercise is done Standing.


A ‘Powerbuilding’ program that will get you Jacked but also get you significantly stronger overall.
1. Every Exercise is done Standing; Making every exercise a whole body movement. Obtaining zero strength leaks, increasing core strength and stability
2.It uses strength Skill work as the main tool: Accumulating a LOT of volume on big basic lifts, whilst not burning out.
3. It is a throwback to old school training priorities: Think…Huge shoulders, solid and muscular mid section, boa constrictor like erector spinae, thick back and traps and Solid legs.

What's included

  • A complete periodization of 8 weeks

  • 4 workouts per week

  • 2 X 3 Week blocks and 1 x 2 Week block

  • Explanations of the methods used on certain exercises

  • 55 page PDF document

Modern Training for the Old-School Power Look

How is it structured?

It utilises a relatively short training cycle (8 weeks) based on the principles of block periodization. It is comprised of three blocks:


Accumulation (3 weeks): to build the muscle and technical efficiency that will allow you to be strong

Intensification (3 weeks): to develop your strength as much as possible

Peaking (2 weeks): to put you in the best physiological and neurological state to showcase your strength

Phase 1 &2

Monday – Push workout

Wednesday – Pull workout 1 (high pull emphasis)

Friday – Legs workout

Saturday – Pull workout 2 (rowing emphasis)

Phase 3

split remains same but goal is to be recovered to showcase strength

Peak on Friday (muscle snatch and squat) and Sunday (deadlift and military press)


Key things you need to know to get the most out of this program


  1. Learn the muscle snatch from the hang. It is the cornerstone of this program and is literally done at every workout. The good news is that it is not super complicated to learn
  2. You need to dominate every rep.
  3. The percentages used are relative to the heaviest weight from that session.
  4. Master the snatch-grip high pull.
  5. This should not be done when you are trying to lose a lot of fat.
  6. The workouts for the first two blocks are fairly long. With a proper warm-up they can done in 1:45-2 hours