Periodized Bodybuilding


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A periodized plan aimed at maximising muscle growth - our best hypertrophy plan to date


A CYCLICAL gradual increase in Volume with ‘deloads’ included, from 70 to 110 work sets a week

3 x 4 week blocks with 4 workouts a week

This is a hard plan. The workload is no joke!
This program should be done in a caloric surplus to  maximize muscle growth.

Here’s Coach Thib’s take on why cycling your training volume is key to continuing your progress:


”While progressively increasing volume-load is pretty much a prerequisite to keep progressing, it must be done very gradually and in a cyclic manner. Your body has a limited capacity to positively adapt to training stress. Once you exceed it you will get diminishing returns for the invested efforts and eventually stagnate, or even regress.

This is why I believe in periodization, or the use of training cycles. And no, they don’t have to be complicated.

This training cycle will have a gradual increase in volume-load stemming from an increase in sets and/or the use of more intense training methods.

When the cycle is over you deload for 1-2 weeks and start a new cycle.”

What's included

  • A complete periodization of 12 weeks

  • 4 workouts per week

  • 42 page PDF document

  • Explanations of the methods used on certain exercises

The workload is no joke. Progressively increasing volume-load done in a gradual cyclical manner

How is it structured?

It utilises a 12 week cyclical training plan, based on the principles of block periodization. It is comprised of three blocks ( 4 weeks each) and 4 workouts each week :

Workout 1 – Push Heavy

Workout 2 – Pull Volume

Workout 3 – Push Volume

Workout 4  – Pull Heavy


Key things you need to know to get the most out of this program


  1. Eat in Caloric surplus This is NOT a plan that will work for fat loss purposes. The amount of work is too high to be performed in a state of caloric deficit. You will quickly burn out and become catabolic if you undereat.
  2. Volume days  Key is to focus on maximising muscle tension, utilising slow eccentric reps
  3. Heavy days Move as much weight as you can for the prescribed rep number/zone.