Things used to be simple in the training world. Most gym rats either wanted to be big and strong or lean and muscular. But now things have evolved, goals are much more sophisticated. People want great physique, but they also want to feel like an athlete. You want the car with an awesome look and the fast 0-60mph. You want the shiny paint job and to kick ass on the quarter mile.

Even though many of you think of me mostly as someone who can help them get jacked, my truest area of expertise is training athletes. Making people strong, more powerful, faster and leaner is what allowed me to make a name for myself in this industry. I’ve worked with athletes from 29 different sports as well as with bodybuilders.

This program is based on the one that I used with a member of the national bobsleigh team. Most of you think that bobsleigh is only about going downhill in a sled. Well, okay, that’s what it is… but that sled weighs close to 1000lbs and the difference between winning and losing is mostly due to how hard and fast they can push that sled over 30m. That’s why bobsleigh athletes are the strongest and most powerful athletes in the winter Olympics. I’ve had a 180-lb athlete squat 525 for 7 reps, power clean 315 for 6 reps, run a 3.58/ 30m, one bench pressing 425 at under 200lbs body weight, squat 525, power clean 350, jump 42” and one who squatted 550 for 5 reps, power snatch 245 for reps and run a 3.7/ 30m. This program is based on the methodology that I used with them; with a little bodybuilding, twist to give you the look that you want.



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