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We will meet your needs despite the distance between us.

Do you want personalized coaching by Coach Thib and his team?

This is the option for you!

This option provides complete access to Coach Thib’s knowledge and expertise through direct access to one of our highly experienced coaches. Our coaching crew have helped thousands of clients of all backgrounds and experience levels over the years and are all under the direct supervision of Coach Thib.

You will get a program designed specifically for you. It will be based on your goals,  capacities, levels, injury history, body type, neurotype, and equipment availability.

This is a personalized service with access to not only one but two elite coaches. Talk about support and accountability!

Getting on board is the first step toward reaching your goals.

What's included

  • The online coaching includes an initial assessment through a detailed questionnaire which will provide all the information required to set up a plan suited to your needs

  • Access to your workout from anywhere with our new Thibarmy app (for Android or Apple user)

  • Access to complete exercise demonstration videos to make you understand the exercises we are prescribing you

  • Access to our private coach who can answer your questions even faster and provide technical analysis of your lifting technique.

  • Access handbook of nutrition recommendation

  • 1 Neurotyping test

Online coaching has been gaining popularity over the past few years given the ease of access to your favorite coach no matter the distance.

This plan is a fully individualized training plan changing every month. You have full-time access via our training app to one of Coach Thibaudeau’s coaches.

We will also provide you with a document showing you how to build a diet to support your efforts and how to adjust your plan weekly based on progression.

I need to be honest; at the beginning, I was skeptical of your programming. The eccentric, concentric, iso techniques were new to me. I didn't like or feel it would work. Oh Man, I was so wrong to question you. The results that I got were truly amazing. You are an awesome team with incredible programming that gets results beyond just hypertrophy and strength. Thank you for all your doing to help me become the best version of myself.

Michael Smith

Pro Trainer