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In this diet, we increase the relative carbohydrate intake in order to mitigate cortisol and make sure you stay focus.

For some neurotypes, the low-carb approach is what helps them stay focus. Not so for type 3, as it simply elevates their stress too much and makes them lose their focus. Simply introducing carbs at regular intervals throughout the day can be enough to keep things under control and make sure they stay productive, whether it’s in the gym or at work.

This plan is based on a high carbohydrate diet, with lower fat and moderate protein intake. This plan will be for 12 weeks and you can choose between fat loss or mass gain as your goal.

What's included

  • A section for you to have all the basic information to understand ‘how to build the diet

  • Detailed explanation on how to breakdown the macros for fat loss or mass gain

  • A comprehensive guide on “how to progress”

  • A protocol to update your plan for the whole 12 weeks plan

  • Two complete meal plan templates, one for fat loss and one for mass gain, with the complete macro breakdown.

  • Guidelines on the best way to weigh yourself, assess improvement in the mirror, and what to look for in a comparison picture.


The brain master diet is based on the concept of having as much control, nutritionally speaking, on stress build-up and cortisol release.

Type 3s are among the most vulnerable to cortisol when it comes to training and most of the popular diet strategies based on reducing carbs and calories are simply not that effective for them, at least from a neurological perspective.

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