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Glutamate is the nemesis of type 2B. And one of the fastest ways to stop its accumulation in the brain is to adopt a keto diet. Now, that doesn’t mean that type 2Bs don’t need carbs. On the contrary, they need them to achieve optimal results. Alternating between blocks of very low carb dieting and blocks of higher carbs is the most efficient way to optimize body composition.

This is a 12 weeks diet that will improve how well your body functions.

What's included

  • A set-up section for you to have all the basic information to understand ‘how to build the diet

  • Detailed explanation on how to breakdown the macros for fat loss or mass gain

  • A comprehensive guide on “how to progress”

  • Guidelines on the best way to weigh yourself, assess improvement in the mirror, and what to look for in a comparison picture.

  • A protocol to update your plan for the whole 12 weeks plan

  • Three complete meal plan templates, one for each of the phases.


This plan is built on three different dieting approaches: A keto phase, a targeted keto phase, and a carbs cycling approach. The plan is based on a 12 weeks plan and can pick the goal that you want.

Each keto phase helps the body improve its insulin sensitivity and makes sure glutamate is kept in check. Then the subsequent higher carbs phase ramps up the anabolic pathways and helps muscle growth to be more efficient.

Are you ready?