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Basically, carb cycling is a way of rotating your macronutrient intake between periods of low carbohydrates and fat loss and periods of higher carbohydrates and maintenance that will keep performance high. This alternation of low carb days and high(er) carb days is what appeals to the type 2A since it requires a lot of macro variations during the week.

This will usually stimulate the type 2A individual to stick with this kind of plan, as it is ‘’less boring’’ because each day of the week will be different

What's included

  • A set-up section for you to have all the basic information to understand ‘how to build the diet

  • Detailed explanation on how to breakdown the macros for fat loss or mass gain

  • A comprehensive guide on “how to progress”

  • Guidelines on the best way to weigh yourself, assess improvement in the mirror, and what to look for in a comparison picture.

  • A protocol to update your plan for the whole 12 weeks plan

  • Two complete meal plan templates, one for fat loss and one for mass gain, with the complete macro breakdown.


Type 2A needs variety the most.

This plan suggests two different types of macronutrient breakdown. One for workout days and one for rest days. According to the Carbs Cycling approach, the quantities of fats and carbohydrates will change according to which day it is.

The progression is done via a small weekly increase or reduction in your caloric total.