This way to technical mastery

Type 3 are routine-base individuals. Variation actually hurt their gains and progress. To be able to gain from their training they must feel in perfect control of what they are doing. That’s why using too many exercises or changing their exercises too often is actually detrimental to their progression. They are all about efficiency and must progress very gradually when it comes to the weights they are using. As such the three phases of this program are organized in a way to maximize technical efficiency and use a very gradual progression model, but at the end, very significant gains will be achieved from this plan. It is a program that includes a more rigid structure by telling you exactly how much weight to use at each session on the big movements. Each lift is also trained with a higher frequency to maximize technique mastery.


What's included

  • 3-4 weekly workouts

  • Your 12-week detailed plan

  • Explanatory videos by Christian Thibaudeau

You plan for success

This is a program to improve how well your body functions. It first uses methods and an approach that will focus on improving the technique on the big lifts, then it drills these lifts and have you practice lifting fairly heavy, but non-maximal, weights and it finally focuses on strength but using a very gradual, smooth progression that will allow you to achieve a linear progression toward your goal. This program is 12 weeks long.

It will get you super-efficient on the big basic lifts while improving strength and body composition