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This way to technical mastery

Their plan uses the minimalist version of the Omni Contraction Training System, where only the three whole-body workouts are done during the week; one focusing on the eccentric portion of the rep, another one where you include pauses during your reps and the last one which is a normal lifting session.

This is a program to improve how well your body functions. It first uses methods and an approach that will focus on improving the technique on the big lifts, then it drills these lifts and has you practice lifting fairly heavy, but non-maximal, weights and it finally focuses on strength but using a very gradual, smooth progression that will allow you to achieve a linear progression toward your goal. This program is 12 weeks long.

It will get you super-efficient on the big basic lifts while improving strength and body composition

For hard gainers out there, this is a solid plan to finally be able to progress optimally.

What's included

  • 3 weekly workouts

  • 3-5 exercises per day

  • 2-3 sets per exercises

You plan for success

Type 3s need more focus on technical mastery as well as a gradual preparation for more demanding work. As such, this program has very little exercise variation (to allow you to truly master the exercises used).

It also uses a very high number of progressively heavier warm-up sets (4 or even 5) which allows the Type 3 to really focus on optimizing technique as well as feeling more comfortable under heavier loads.

Type 3s produce more cortisol and adrenaline, and have a hard time clearing adrenaline post-workout, which slows down their recovery: they normally will not be able to progress optimally on 4-5 weekly sessions.

Main training effect: A gradual increase in strength and size with a focus on lifting mastery

Main methods that will be used: Slow eccentric, stato-dynamic reps, multi-pause reps, tempo contrast, iso pre-fatigue, pyramids