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Never get bored in the gym again

Type 2A needs variety the most.

Nothing kills their motivation faster than having to repeat training for a long time, even some small changes are not enough: they need to dramatically change their training structure and even goal quite often.

This plan changes approach completely every three weeks, alternating between more of a bodybuilding approach and performance/strength training phases.

The pure hypertrophy phases use a modification of the Omni Contraction Training System where you use an antagonist body part split and train each muscle contraction type at each workout.

What's included

  • 4 (either antagonist split or whole-body + gap workout) weekly workouts

  • 5 to 6 exercises per day

  • 3-5 sets per exercises during accumulation phases, 2 to 4 during intensification phases

Big, lean, and strong

This is the ultimate plan for someone who wants both size and strength and who needs a lot of variation. If, in the past, you couldn’t follow a plan for more than 3 weeks. This is the program that will work for you.

This program will get you stronger and bigger while always bringing something new to the table.

Main methods: Pretty much every one of my main methods

Main training effect: Equal strength and size gains