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Look like you lift, lift as you look

The neurotype 1B plan is unique and will be a perfect fit for those who want to improve strength and explosiveness while also improving their looks.

This program uses the OCTS system and that is actually doable by a Type 2A

Main methods: ¾ slow eccentric, iso pre-fatigue, rest/pause, explosive work, stato-dynamic reps, clusters, ramps

Main training effect: Increase in strength and power with some aesthetic benefits.

What's included

  • This program is 12 weeks long

  • This plan is based on 4 weekly workouts

  • 4-5 exercises per day

  • 2 to 5 sets per exercise

This program is about strength and power!

In this program, the first three phases of the plan use a beefed-up version of the Omni-Contraction Training System. The three main sessions work the whole body, with an emphasis on a different contraction type on each day (eccentric, isometric, concentric). We then add two hypertrophy exercises to each of those main workouts, each day focusing on different muscle groups.

There is a fourth workout that combines explosive work (jumps, throws, sprints, etc.) with vanity work for arms.

The last phase is a bit different: instead of focusing on a different contraction type on each day, you will focus on a different physical quality on each of the workouts (maximum strength, strength-speed, speed-strength, technique).

The ultimate objective is to get a lot stronger and more explosive while also improving your look in the process.