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This program will not only make you fitter and sexier, but also stronger and faster.

This program is going to be locked in the Thibarmy vault on October 17th. Get it before it’s gone.

This is a very complete training plan that will help you gain strength, build muscle, and get leaner.

It combines the Omni-Contraction Training System adapted to muscle growth, targeted hypertrophy work, metabolic conditioning, and an energy systems work (steady-state cardio and intervals) schedule.

And we provide you with a 12 weeks of metabolic conditioning progression to maximize your fat loss.

Combined with a solid diet, this program will completely transform your body in 12 weeks!

What's included

  • A complete periodization of 12 weeks

  • Explanations of the methods used on certain exercises

  • An RPE chart to gauge the level of effort at each series


Physique transformations are probably the most popular topic in the fitness industry. The incredible amount of myths and misconceptions that are circulating on the web and in the gyms make most people wonder if their training program is taking them somewhere.

At Thibarmy, we do not like to leave the confusion on the table and we decided to put our brains and our years of experience to work and create a program that will produce the most remarkable results, but with the simplest of approaches.

Specifically, the three main workouts are divided into two sections: the first section is a whole-body workout using three multi-joint lifts and the second is for targeting certain key muscle groups for hypertrophy and includes two exercises.

We then have a fourth workout that is a metabolic conditioning session to really torch as much fat as possible.