Loaded Stretching: Applications for Hypertrophy, Performance and Injury Prevention – Seminar (SWIS Symposium)


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Learn about various programming strategies, when to use them and with whom the progression of your athletes

Loading stretching is a form of yielding isometrics that specifically targets the stretched position.  The athlete sets up in the stretched position and holds himself there or uses dumbbells to reach the stretched position of a movement.  As the muscle fatigues and the athlete starts to move beyond the initial position, the exercise becomes a very slow eccentric action, hence the name.  This type of training likely dates back more than 60 years and was initially used by gymnasts.

In this seminar, from the prestigious SWIS Symposium, Coach Christian Thibaudeau explains how to use loaded stretching for outstanding results in hypertrophy, performance, and even for injury prevention.

What's included

  • 1.5hr Video Presentation

  • In-depth look in to why loaded stretching is an effective training method

  • Breakdown of how to utilise and program loaded stretching to achieve different end goals

  • Downloadable PDF of the presentation slides