Hypertrophy Cornerstone

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If you are serious in your muscle-gaining journey, this course is a must-have.

Christian Thibaudeau

The HYPERTROPHY CORNERSTONE COURSE will explain the various ways to make a muscle grow and how to design training sessions that will lead to optimal gains in muscle size.

It will show you which approach will work best for what individuals and why some people do not respond well to some approaches that are effective for other people.

Armed with this knowledge you will be able to design training programs that are sure to deliver growth to any client.


What's included

  • Online course notes, the equivalent of 70 pages of written content.

  • The participant is awarded 0.6 CEU or 6 contact hours, in Category D with NSCA

  • Approximately 5.5 hours of video content

  • An online multiple-choice final exam to confirm the completion of the Course

  • A handbook of 26 pages (downloadable PDF) + A Q&A PDF

  • A E-Certificate of successful completion

Enhance you knowledge with this course

Muscle mass is the main goal of a large part of the gym population. Whether you’re looking to get stronger, have a sleeker physique, or lose body fat, gaining muscle mass the right way is the best path to success.

It might be because of its popularity that this topic is the source of so many myths and misconceptions. In order to gain the most muscle mass, you have to know what to do, how to do it, and also what not to do.

It is for this specific reason that Christian Thibaudeau designed this course. He will divulge everything you need to know on all the topics related to training for hypertrophy.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The science of hypertrophy and the key concepts necessary for successfully gaining muscle mass
  • What types of training, methods and techniques works, and for what type of people
  •  How to structure your mass-gaining effort; how to build an effective workout plan and how to optimize your periodization in order to keep making gains.

You will discover the very methods Christian Thibaudeau has developed over the years and still uses with his clients, from average Joes and Janes to IFBB pros. He will share with you his personal philosophy about hypertrophy and the key elements to gain muscle successfully.