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Looking for a quick muscle building fix? The high-frequency muscle building program is your next stop!

Now, bodybuilding is also about building an aesthetic physique and well-rounded 3D muscle.

You can’t leave guns out of the equation, and what about delts? In order to be able to hit your body at all angles, we also included some specialization workouts. We included 3 bodybuilding options you can choose every week. Choose those workouts based on where you think you need to build more muscle.

Not only will you get bigger, but you’ll also get stronger for sure. If you eat the necessary calories, it’s a sure shot to muscle mass in no time.

What's included

  • 12 weeks of training divided into 3 phases of 4 weeks

  • An RPE chart to help gauge the level of effort in each set

  • Direction and mandatory notes on rep execution and method used

Maximum Strength

As a human species, it is said that we become good at something when we repeat it often. So, what about building muscle mass? Wouldn’t we be more skilled at building muscle by repeating the same building process often?

The answer is yes! And that’s what this program is all about. We will even go further, that’s what we believe here at Thibarmy. Our thought process when building programs for strength & size is based on how many times can we hit those muscles per week.  How can we make a movement pattern stronger, allow more time under tension, then finally grow muscle faster in a week?

This brings us to specific contraction work. Meaning we work the eccentric, isometric and concentric part of an exercise separately during the week. Just thinking about separating the work of a single rep allows us to work a movement pattern 3 times per week.