Who does not want to perform at his best?

To achieve this, you have to know exactly what to do, but more importantly, what not to do to keep only what matters most.

This is what Christian Thibaudeau had in mind when he created this 12-week online training camp for elite performance. This training camp is for women and men, looking to improve their strength, power, and athletic performance.

The prerequisites for this training camp are:

– A minimum of 2x bodyweight squat

– A minimum of 1.5x bodyweight benchpress

– Adequate competence in the power snatch from the hang or the power clean from the hang

– Be willing to invest in some low-cost gym equipment such as weight releasers (

If you want to discover your best self, Christian and his team invite you to join on this 12-week training camp. It has been specially formulated to increase performance and make you reach new athletic heights. Christian himself will be there to coach you, along with Stephane Aube and Jessica Feeny.

During 12 weeks, Christian will train you using the same method with which he trains his elite athlete. It consists of;

– One eccentric-focus day

– One isometric-focus day

– One concentric–focus day

– One day to target weak links or doing functional hypertrophy, depending on your needs.

All details needed for your success will be covered: performance-specific workouts,  nutrition, supplementation to support your efforts.

You will also have access to our online community of like-minded individuals for moral support and guidance.

N.B. Please click on this button only if you want to be in the best shape of your life, stronger than ever and ready to sweat like never before


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