Bored of the same old single dieting approach?

No more boring fat loss diet plans!

Type 2A needs variation because they will be bored in no time.

This diet uses many different tools to get you shredded with many variations in the macro set up, food choices, and calories rotation.  It uses different dieting strategies going from high carbs/low fat, high fat/low carbs, fasting, calorie cycling, etc.


What's included

  • The diet includes a complete supplements protocol exclusively for the Type 2A

  • Guidelines on how to set macros, progression and adjustments week by week

  • A recommended list of aliments

Attack your body from all fronts!

Variation, changes, methods, and concepts, we’re definitely talking about Type 2A. With them, everything works, but nothing works for a long time. They get bored easily. So, when approaching a fat loss diet, don’t get caught up in a single approach.  Open the toolbox and play with different methods and concepts. Be creative. This is what this diet is all about. Based on the carbs cycling principals, carbs days, low carbs, high fat, low fat, and even intermittent fasting are used to help promote fat loss.

The particularity of this diet is the low meal frequency that is useful with the Type 2A in order to promote more glucagon release, helping them improve their body composition faster.

The diet also includes directions on how to use supplements to improve mood and cognition, how to keep adrenaline receptors fresh, and how to improve the elimination of toxins out of the system, some great tools to improve their response to training and dieting.