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Carb backloading is, generally speaking, a low carbs diet during the day when you are more active, and a carbs-rich diet later in the day or in the evening, when you are inactive or resting.

This type of diet suits the Type 1B perfectly since they will be able to capitalize on a higher focus and better energy during the day. Plus, the lower circulating insulin levels mean they will burn more fat during the day. Inversely, they can benefit from the anabolic surplus in the evening by creating a large insulin spike that will fuel their muscles with glycogen and get them ready for the workout on the next day.

What's included

  • A set-up section for you to have all the basic information to understand ‘how to build the diet

  • Detailed explanation on how to breakdown the macros for fat loss or mass gain

  • A comprehensive guide on “how to progress”

  • Guidelines on the best way to weigh yourself, assess improvement in the mirror, and what to look for in a comparison picture.

  • A protocol to update your plan for the whole 12 weeks plan

  • Two complete meal plan templates, one for fat loss and one for mass gain, with the complete macro breakdown.


The plan has a well-balanced energy intake that prioritizes fats and proteins during the day and offers carb-rich meals in the evening.

The diet is made out of two cycles of 6 weeks, totaling 12 weeks. Each cycle is done following a Carbs backloading approach. The progression is done via a periodization of 5 weeks of progressive deficit or surplus and one week of maintenance.

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