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The Blast & Cruise diet is the sprint version of dieting.

While most people will benefit from a slower introduction to dieting, type 1A are among the ones who will perform better if they simply get down in the mud quickly, struggle and fight for 3-4 weeks, and then recover for a few days.

This is usually the kind of dietary pattern that yields the best results for them as far as fat loss and mass gain are concerned.

What's included

  • A set-up section for you to have all the basic information to understand “how to build the diet”

  • Detailed explanation on how to breakdown the macros for fat loss or mass gain

  • A comprehensive guide on “how to progress”

  • Guidelines on the best way to weigh yourself, assess improvement in the mirror, and what to look for in a comparison picture.

  • A protocol to update your plan for the whole 12 weeks plan with a basic supplementation suggested

  • Two complete meal plan templates, one for fat loss and one for mass gain, with the complete macro breakdown.


This plan is based on a high carbohydrate diet, with a moderate to high protein intake.

Based on a 12-week plan; each cycle is done following the blast & cruise approach. This means your progress will be made by taking drastic measures over a 4-week period of time. You will create large calorie deficits/increases for a few weeks, then get back to maintenance.

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