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This is not your typical arm specialization program!

Getting big arms is one of the most popular training objectives among trainees, especially male trainees. And while most people can make their arms grow in balance to the rest of their body by focusing solely on the big basic pulls and pushes, some people will have lagging biceps and triceps and they will require more direct work to make their arms grow.

For some, simply doing a bit more biceps and triceps volume will do the trick. But there are some who will need the NUCLEAR BOMB solution. And this program is it!

This plan will help anybody gain arm size but contrary to most arm programs out there, you will not be neglecting the rest of your body or your strength.

If you want to invest 12 weeks to solve your arm problem forever, give this program a try!

What's included

  • A complete periodization of 12 weeks

  • 4 workouts per week

  • 5 PDF (Approximatively 80 pages)

  • Explanations of the methods used on certain exercises

  • An RPE chart to help gauge your level of effort

The most effective approach to get rapid arm growth.

In simpler words: the program itself will get your arms bigger and because of the neuromuscular improvements you will make, your arms will respond better to your regular training afterward.

If you are one of these posers who shy away from hard work on the big basic lifts and do endless sets of curls and triceps press downs, this plan will be too much for you to handle!

YES, it is an arm specialization program. YES, you will be doing some direct biceps/triceps work four times per week. But it still is a plan that includes plenty of work on the big basic lifts.

The backbone of the plan is my Omni-Contraction Training System. This is an approach that uses three whole-body workouts per week, using 3-4 multi-joint exercises per day. Each workout focuses on one type of muscle action (eccentric, isometric, or concentric).

There are three elements that make this plan an arm specialization program:

  1. The multi-joint movements are selected to increase arm activity, even the lower body exercises!
  2. On each of the three main workouts of the week, after the 3 main lifts, you have isolation work for your arms.
  3. Your fourth weekly workout is an intense upper arm session.

Are you ready?