Bench Press Masterclass – Webinar


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Everything you need to master the most important lift in the gym

No question is uttered more amongst weight rooms worldwide than “How much do you bench?”. If this question leaves you red in the face and full of feelings of inadequacy, then this is the webinar for you!

Join Thibarmy Head Coach Tom Sheppard for a 1.5hour+ webinar that covers every aspect of the bench press.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

    • Should everyone be bench pressing?
    • Why everyone should bench press “like a powerlifter”
    • A full breakdown of how to set-up effectively
    • Optimal technique for the eccentric and concentric phase of the lift
    • How to diagnose your weak link based on your sticking point and address it
    • The importance of body proportions when assessing technique and programming

This is everything you need to get yourself and/or those you coach bench pressing more efficiently and on your way to PRs in no time!

What's included

  • 1.5 hours of video content

  • How to assess if you are ready to bench press optimally

  • Everything you need to optimise your technique to maximise your performance and minimise injury risk

  • How to identify and address your weak points

  • Downloadable PDF of the webinar presentation