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Christian Thibaudeau

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Overtraining – AdapNation Podcast

Overtraining AdapNation Podcast

On this episode of AdapNation, Chris and Steve discuss optimal training modalities, training to failure, overtraining and maximum natty muscle building potential.

Here’s What We Cover:

  1. Christian’s personal training objectives and priorities
  2. Christian’s current training design and reasons why
  3. Christian’s Biggest Training Mistakes through his lifting career
  4. How much Muscle Mass can a natural lifter build in a lifetime?
  5. The key differences between Athlete Training and Hypertrophy Training
  6. The role of Cortisol in the body, and how to manage levels for maximal results
  7. What is Overtraining, what is happening and what are the negative consequences?
  8. How to know if you are Overtrained or are Overreaching?
  9. And much more…

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